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G.KERO is the result of Marguerite Bartherotte's vision to transform high quality fabrics into technicoloured statement pieces. Original creations that blur the borders between art and fashion, G.KERO is nothing short of unique works of art. Relaxed yet sophisticated, G.kero can be worn either casually or dressed up.

The clothes are designed with the utmost attention to detail and are made from high-quality, refined, soft fabric (cotton, cashmere, and silk). They are crafted in the best family workshops in Portugal. This makes every G.kero creation a unique technicolour fashion statement that goes beyond a simple printed garment.
A true artistic expression that conveys freedom and inspiration to live a daring and spontaneous life.

The unique and graceful portrayal of these colourful characters is part of the G.kero brand signature.
This bohemian artist usually paints her collections in her friends' homes and willingly shares stories of her encounters.

"I started by drawing handsome boyfriends that I didn't have, and then I drew pretty girls on their T-shirts."
Marguerite completes this joyous world of characters with expressive animals that she exalts by painting them in bright colours that you wouldn't find in nature – such as her multicoloured zebra and tiger, two other classics from the first collections (2012). This winter’s collection will feature a polar bear on black, hand-printed cashmere.
Finally, the artist evokes nature by designing dreamy, idyllic landscapes. G.kero's tropical prints stand out from others. Her designs are free and wild, often bursting with shades of turquoise blue. Painting on fabric gives these drawings a sense of beauty and unique depth. Her strokes are poetic and incredibly expressive.

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