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Rue Madame World

20 Mar, 2023


rue Madame has re-opened their newly refurbished store at ifc mall with a brand new look. The new visual identity is seamlessly woven into the store’s interior design, bringing a new modern and welcoming look for customers this spring.  

10 Oct, 2022

La Vie en Rouje!

We are excited to introduce the iconic Parisian brand, Rouje, to Hong Kong and Singapore for the first time. 

19 Jul, 2022

Introducing Mapache and Brador.

Summer would not be complete without at least one pair of sandals, the styles and choices available these days are overwhelmingly endless. Every year we scour the globe for your next favourite sandals and this year we are thrilled to have discovered two new brands that tick all the boxes- Mapache (Mexico) and Brador (Italy).

25 May, 2022

Introducing one of our Must Haves for this season and beyond: The Jacksons!

Introducing one of our Must Haves for this season and beyond; The Jacksons. The Jacksons is not just a gorgeous summer bag, they are a brand on a mission to empower women out of poverty, and change the world for the better, one bag at a time.

11 May, 2022

rue Madame introduces the Veja Condor Collection!

Rue Madame has been starting this journey to a kinder and greener future and introducing a range of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion and accessories labels. We are thrilled to introduce Veja, a brand that holds the rue Madame Ethos to our customers.  

15 Mar, 2022

The Future is Female!

What does the future hold for our daughters and granddaughters, what will their world look like?

26 Oct, 2021

3 fashion details make every woman look more classy and elegant

Elegance always begins with choosing the right piece of clothing - it doesn’t need to be sophisticated, but it must fit you. Looking for some fashion ideas? rue Madame is here to help you.

20 Oct, 2021

Say bye to pilates and yoga: 2 unusual sports that might work best for you

Pilates and yoga are well known favourites in Hong Kong, almost every girl attends at least one class a week. What? Have you never been interested in these stretching exercises? No worries, rue Madame has invited an athletic woman to share with you some other types of sports today.

20 Oct, 2021

How to dress like a Parisian? Here is one chicest brand you must know

It's always exciting to discover a new fashion brand that is so different from the others. Sea New York, a brand that mixes both a luxury vibe with a romantic feel, can definitely make you indulge yourself into this Parisian vibe in a sec. If you wanna see how well New York and Paris styles go together, rue Madame is happy to give you a tour.

18 Oct, 2021

Sneaker Lovers Bible: 5 forces that make you can’t stop buying sneakers

Unlike other types of shoes, sneakers never go out of style. Easy to match, endlessly versatile, and somehow always iconic, sneakers are definitely the year-round staple. Not sure what is so attractive about sneakers? rue Madame is going to highlight 5 reasons why sneakers will always stay chic until their dying, over-worn day.

18 Oct, 2021

Feeling artistic? Let’s check out these wearable art printed items!

Ever since art emerged, it has been going hand in hand with fashion designs. By blending fashion with art, there are usually amazing upshots coming out. Interested in buying yourself some art clothes? rue Madame has exactly what you are looking for.

30 Sep, 2021

Handmade is the best: 5 reasons to buy and 5 handmade fashion brands

Unlike mass-produced fashion items, you can always find that special uniqueness in each handmade clothing and accessory. But as we enter the era of fast fashion, handmade and handcrafted goods are getting harder to find. Luckily, rue Madame has gathered all quality yet affordable handmade fashion all over the world, let’s browse!

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