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Introducing one of our Must Haves for this season and beyond: The Jacksons. The Jacksons is not just a gorgeous summer bag, they are a brand on a mission to empower women out of poverty, and change the world for the better, one bag at a time.


The Jacksons, a hidden gem from London, is inspired by fun, positive energy and sustainable craftsmanship. Founder Louise launched the design collaboration in 2012 with the talented artisans in Southwest Bangladesh to create the beautiful yet durable handwoven bags. The joy-filled and colourful designs including word, animal and emoji prints, are made by 100% locally grown jute and non-toxic dyes.

Jute is known as the ‚Äėgolden fibre‚Äô of Bangladesh; it is 100% plant based and it has great flexibility and strength. ¬†The Jackson bags can carry up to 14 kilos!¬† Each bag is hand woven relying entirely on the skilled women‚Äôs expertise. Throughout the entire process no machines are used, the jute is harvested by hand using centuries old methods.¬†They women untangle and clean the raw jute, spin it with their fingers and tidy up with scissors, dye what is required with azo free colours, then knot the bags to the Jacksons carefully crafted designs.¬†¬†


Through this meaningful collaboration, The Jacksons has provided employment opportunities for more than 5,000 women in Southwest Bangladesh. The brand is dedicated to helping the women overcome poverty, improving their living standards and helping them achieve independence, freedom and empowerment. Through the dynamic collaboration, The Jacksons provides medical and educational support to the children of the families. Enabling them to reach a sixth-grade school year and some continuing onto university.



This year we are delighted to have the widest selection of The Jacksons bags yet! In addition to the return of our bestselling The Jacksons pieces- Merci, Sausage dog and Miss Molly we have new gorgeous designs featuring animals and text, as each piece is handmade they all bear unique differences and characteristics, making every tote truly one of a kind. 

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