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Easy Price Match


At rue Madame, we are passionate about fashion and online shopping. That means we believe you deserve the very best deal shopping at If you find a (regular-priced) item on another shopping site of which the price is lower than ours, please let us know by sending us a URL and shipment location through WhatsApp (+852)5110-4753. 

Our Customer Care Team will reply to you and review the item as soon as possible during office hours (Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6:30 PM HKT; excluding public holidays). Once we verify and confirm the price difference, we will get back to you and send you a price-matching code. Apply the code during checkout. It’s that simple.

A little extra gift will be included in your order as a reward for being a smart shopper.

The Rue Madame Price Match Guarantee is subjected to Terms and Conditions as below.

Terms & Conditions

1. Easy Price Match applies only to regular-priced items (on and other sites).
2. Easy Price Match will only compare item's unit price. Other factors including but not limited to special promotion, shipment fee, exchange rate and tax will not be taken into consideration.
3. Easy Price Match will only compare sites which ship products to customer’s shipment location.
4. Easy Price Match only applies in advance of your purchase. Any items after purchase are not eligible to Easy Price Match redemption.
5. Each customer is only available to redeem one price-matching code per item per price match.
6. Price-matching code can be used once only and will only valid upon 24 hours of issuing.
7. Price-matching code will only apply to price-matched item.
8. The maximum percentage for the price-matching code will be no more than 30% of the original price on
9. Price-matching offer can only be used on the website Not in any physical stores.
10. General refund and return polices apply to Easy Price Match. In case of refund, the refund amount is equivalent to that shown on issued invoice.
11. Rue Madame reserves the right for final decision.

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