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Find The Perfect Pants


Are you currently searching for your perfect pants? If yes, then you must continue reading this article as I’m gonna share my own experience here!

Forrest Gump said, ‘life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ Yes, that’s so true, like shopping, you will never know what pants you’re gonna encounter in a shop, or even you pick a seemingly nice one, you would never know if it really looks good on you. What? You only love dresses and skirts?

Come on, wearing pants is not that horrible, it certainly won’t make you masculine but only chic and elegant. So, go on reading, then pick your own lovely pair.

First of all, It is all about experience, because good pants are not the one that will look the best on the hangers (or even on the model), they are the one that will look the best on us!


The most versatile pants are Toupy’s stretched perfect silk pants and pattern print silk pants. No matter you are skinny or fat, you can still try this pants on as they simply fit ALL, being extraordinarily comfy, stylish, and brilliant.  

The best summer pants are Hartford’s pove stretched pants. I can tell you Hartford’s fabric is undoubtedly stunning, their cotton is the best, very light, soft and sheer. If you love causal looks, you should probably grab one, but you better hurry up, as they go really fast!

The best casual pants are Reiko’s straight legged chino. It is the best alternation of jeans – with the right amount of stretch, the garment should give you a great ‘Parisian left bank look’. Wearing it with a pair of white sneakers is especially cool, tres chic!

Your best jeans are Acquaverde’s mid-rise jeans - the ones that are like a family to you, always here, cropped with stretch, and it will always show the best version of you. If you are tall and slim type, you should surely try them because a good pair of jeans can particularly showcase your long straight legs and perfect body shape.



Finally, my latest crush are Closed’s high waist pedal pusher jeans, they are the ones that will look the best on us! Trust me, if they fit me, they fit all! The pair is cropped and in cool great shape, being able to match with any of your garments. The design is awesome, and the denim washing is faultless.

Life is never easy. Finding perfect pants is just one task in one’s life, there must be thousands of difficult missions waiting for you. At this moment, you may not have found what you want, but once you persevere in searching for it, I believe someday you must find it! So, never give up on anything, gals!

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