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Stripe It Up!

If you find it boring to see striped items in either vertical or horizontal way, then this season’s stripes trend might get your eyes tired. No longer one-directional, stripes can go in different directions on a single piece to be bold and eye catching.

MULTI-COLOUR combination and the different width of stripes are crucial factors of a trendy striped item. Capturing people’s eyesight on the street by colour attraction, the difference between stripes and the widths are playing an important role in shaping the visual effect of your body ratio, play around with that could make you look taller and slim.


In this show-off-your-shoulders season, striped items are participating as well. Just like the halter neck top from Apiece Apart, subtly striped, yet highly fashionable, maybe you can get snapped on the street just like celebrities!

In case you don’t like exposing too much of your body, you can still capture eye sights by wearing STRIPE OVERALL! Style with a one piece item or 2-piece matching (stripe-on-stripe would be awesome!!!) just like Olivia Palermo, Fashionista alert!

Get started by having a signature item in your wardrobe, just like Leon & Harper’s front lacing striped shirt, versatile to match and chic. Get yourself one good piece before the stock goes out!!

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