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Why are people in Hong Kong always busy? and why I am not anymore.

The story starts in a North Point office where I was meeting not only the regional CEO of a big firm that manages thousands of people, but also someone I have always looked up to.

Starting the meeting, he kindly asked me if I was busy and quite automatically I replied, “Yes, super busy!”. When I asked him back the question I was quite surprised with his response “Oh no, I am not busy. Being busy is for poorly organized people”.

It was then when I realized that he is actually the first person I’ve met in Hong Kong during the past 7 and half years - taking into account all profiles, genders, activities and even my 4 year old daughter – who has loudly said to me that he is not busy.


A few Chinese words I‘ve learned during the past years are "ho mang" and "fadi la".

In this city if you say you are not busy, it either means you are some kind of loser or you need to justify yourself…

So here I am, no longer busy.

And believe me when I say I am not busy, because if I were I wouldn’t spend this time writing and on social media.

This is all because I have a great team that I can really rely on. They are way better than me in a number of things, so why not let them do it. My greatest ideas come to me when I am off from work, so why bother working.

I can't consider taking care of my family as a busy time and it is my love time .

Ever since I am not busy anymore, I’ve been so much happier.

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