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Can We Have Male Friend?

When it comes down to this age-old question, everybody has their own opinion and different stories to share. In my personal opinion…


We ladies CAN definitely have male friends, actually we MUST have male friends! It sure is possible and it is the only way that we can understand the opposite sex. Males are generally more straightforward which makes this a key element in having friends who speak frankly and honestly. These gentlemen offer a different perspective (especially in relationship advice!) from our female besties that we are accustomed to hear.


Many people don’t believe in platonic relationship with the opposite gender, this may be the result from Hollywood romantic comedies. The plot of these romcoms often goes this way:
First, the lead actor meets the lead actress and they become best friends
Then, the guy ends up developing a secret crush on the girl
After a while, she has a boyfriend and he becomes really jealous of and confesses his feelings to her but gets the ‘you’re nice but….’ speech
Finally, she ends up realizing she’s been in love with him all along,
and… you get the point.

But I don’t think all friendships work that way. I have a few close male friends in the past 15 years and they have been truly important in my life. They have been there through thick and thin: they are my cheerleaders when I’m down, they help me to solve any problems and are always there for me whenever I need help. A good friend, whatever gender they are, will always offer up their time and patience when you are in need.


Having that said, here are two tips for maintaining your opposite-gender friendship:

1. Make sure you both understand each other’s needs and goals in a friendship.

2. Communicate well in order to avoid any misinterpretations or any type of confusions.


All women need a male friend. They offer a distinct vibe and positivity and most importantly, they will always have your back (literally put you on his back when you fall).

Without the support from my male friends, I would not be where I am.  

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