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Hailed as the fashion trend inspired by Covid19 vaccination, the off-the-shoulder style is never really gone. At fashion weeks, spotting a girl with baring shoulders is really a piece of cake, as loads of fashion bloggers, IT girls and editors were wearing the kind of dresses and tops. Can’t see the magic inside? rue Madame has put together 5 reasons why we should go for the off-the-shoulder trend!  


#1 Tell the world the girls’ charm


Why does every woman love the off-shoulder trend? Surely because the garment makes us look sexy and charming. No one will criticize you for ‘overexposure’ because showing off your beautiful shoulders and collarbone is definitely not a crime! Yes, I know this is highly seductive, so boys you better hold on! 

 Off-shoulder clothing from Whistles at rue Madame HK


#2 Show off your body part while being tasteful 


If strapless items make you feel insecure, then the feminine and cool alternative – off-the-shoulder – should certainly make its debut! Compared with the strapless ones, off-the-shoulders tops have more varieties, including cropped tops, loose blouses, and decent shirts…By carefully mixing and matching, I am assured more awesome styles can be fantastically presented.


#3 Off-shoulder tops go with almost everything in your wardrobe


It is VERSATILE! An off-the-shoulder top should go well with any bottom pieces in your wardrobe. Matching it with denim pants, hot shorts, flowy skirts, or even maxi skirts should be fine, and the upshots it brought out are always stunning. Just see how elegant the style is while mixing Essential’s floral off-the-shoulder blouse with a studded black skirt.

Off-shoulder clothing from Clemence at rue Madame HK


#4 Embrace the retro look


Vintage styles are being revisited again and again, therefore you need shoulder-baring pieces to infuse some retro touches into your everyday outfits. Wear the vintage off-the-shoulder top with a pair of denim flares, you can be as stylish as any Hollywood celebs! Whilst bare-shoulders are not only feminine, it is enormously cool and decent that can showcase your own bold statement.


#5 Stay both chic and comfortable in hot summer weather


Lastly, shorts and camisoles are not the only items which can cool you down, showing off your shoulders can be a nice method to cool off in the hot summer season.  A flirty shoulder-baring dress should be one of the best items for the coming hot season, as it is soft and sheer, undoubtedly being a top pick for poolside parties and summer vacations.


Off-shoulder clothing from Clemence at rue Madame HK

Feminine, sexy, and elegant – I think no one can resist this wonderful piece. If you don’t have one with you now, don’t worry, just simply pulling down a bit your shirts can already style the hottest off-the-shoulder trend!


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