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The dried everlasting bouquets in our Marche de la rue Madame have been hand-crafted by The Flower People, a Hong Kong founded florist with a sustainable and ethical approach to floristry.

The bouquets in this collaboration have been created using botanicals from over 20 different suppliers, some hand dried in-house resulting in a curation which is completely unique, uncommon and unexpected. The bouquets are available in five colour-blocked hues- pink, yellow, green, blue and purple, one to match every home and every personality!

Each bouquet has been made from real dried botanicals, everlasting, they can be enjoyed for many years to come. Today we catch up with the founder of The Flower People TomTom and ask her about her inspiration behind the brand-


How long have you been a florist for?

I have been dabbling in florals for many years from my early days as a Visual Merchandiser for Gucci where we had to do the very simple weekly arrangements, to friends & families events.  Upon moving back to Hong Kong in 2013, I decided to change my career path from fashion and work predominantly in florals & events. To ensure I had the best foundation of mechanics, I  took a few Diploma courses including Jane Packer event design & Nufleur contemporary minimal freehand design,  both of which gave me a good understanding of how I wanted to develop my own style.  I was fortunate to learn from the brilliant Francoise Weeks in Portland, Oregon and the extravagant Remco van Vliet in New York.



What was the inspiration behind ‘The Flower People’

After quite a successful run as an event florist and working with some fantastic luxury brands and corporations including  Stuart Weitzman, Lulu Lemon & Devialet and with five years as Hong Kong’s  Art Basel Greenery Designer, as well as working with notable artists such Tracey Emin & creating event florals for BAFTA & Allbright dinners.  Then 2020 happened and all events were cancelled, so I decided to try online retail, which the team found to be a very fun but challenging & exciting learning curve.   The name ’The Flower People’ was inspired by all people that love flowers, so anyone can be a flower person, and we are The Flower People.

Do you have a favourite coloured bouquet from this collection?

We are now known for our colour blocked florals and with this collection we have focused on saturated colours for summer.  I’m sort of in love with all of them but if I had to choose one I think the purple bouquet as it is the most fragrant, with the heavily scented dried lavender.

Is there any special way to care for the everlasting bouquets to keep them looking beautiful?

The wonderful thing about everlasting flowers is that there is minimal care needed.  Just keep them in a cool dry spot away from direct sunlight, they can last for years with care and an occasional light dusting with a soft paintbrush.

What is your favourite flower of all time?

I think I have always been drawn to the peony- the scent as well as the evolution from bud to full bloom, the colour changes, the vast range of varieties and colours combined with the short season of availability makes them so elusive and uncommon.

Can you share 3 of your favourite sustainable living tips

Re-use what you have- Most people are cool with receiving recycled wrapping and ribbon.  everyone gets it, and no one needs to have gifts wrapped in plastic.


Consume less-   When shopping for food, really think what you need to have in the fridge,     and buy fresh, stockpiling is un-necessary.

Turn off the lights when you are not in a room- It’s so simple but something I have to remind myself and my kids of often.



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