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Forget about pants, buy culottes!

If you ask me what to buy in this season, I will answer you without a doubt: CULOTTES. The piece can be spotted almost everywhere – from high-end shops to budget stores, from runways to streets, and from models to even just a girl standing next to you…Wanna see why the wide-leg pants rock? Go on reading!

Firstly, the garment is truly versatile that you may not be able to find any pants more versatile than it. You can be feminine, or cool, or causal, or formal, it just depends on what items you are using to pair. Take a look at fashion blogger Margrat Zhang’s outfit – her black blazer looks formal, but by adding culottes and orange snake-print boots, funky, feminine and sophisticated urban touches are effortlessly brought.

You cool gals don’t like wearing dresses and skirts, then culottes should be your new good friends. Not like midi skirts, which is way too feminine, culottes can only be super cool and chic. Want to look even cooler? Then remember to wear with heels, and walk as if you are running the world!



You will never get bored with culottes as different materials and colours bring you different styles and feels. For example, Kristen Stewart’s pair of white see-through culottes is really gorgeous, whilst complimenting it with a white cropped top and heels is just brilliant that makes Kristen totally stylish and awesome. The colourful Apiece Apart culottes can be a good pick as the subtle rainbow colours would delight your outfit.

Culottes are FIGURE FLATTERING! Want to hide your hip and thighs? Wear culottes! High-rise culottes showcase your very fit waistline and make your legs look longer, creating a golden body-to-leg ratio. Even though you are not tall or not thin, you still don’t have to worry, as wearing culottes with heels can simply solve the problem.

Wearing culottes is comfy, relaxing and cool. They are not tight at all, and materials used are usually light, soft and sheer, or silky. Even though the pair is made of denim, like Sea New York’s piece, you will still be carefree as the loose cut would ensure the ultimate in comfort. 

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