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The multi facets of Sessun

Sessun was influenced by the attitude of inspirational female singer-songwriters such as Bat For Lashes, Coco Rosie and The Do, the way they invent things, mixing ethnic, second-hand clothing with more up-to-date pieces.

This capacity for polymorphous, selective attention is certainly one of the keys to the Sessu`n identity.

It’s a brand which, although rooted in its own time, is still subtle enough to lean towards timelessness.

Emma employs this talent for combinations, influences, tastes and disciplines when working on every Sessu`n collection, but also uses it for promoting her brand.



We can announce the openning of a new showroom in may 2015, near the sessun shop rue de charonne, which will welcome five collaborators.
In fall 2015 Sessu`n will open a new shop, rue de charonne, just near his shop. This shop will propose each quarters pop up exhibitions a different themes.

In any case, there’s still a desire to give yourself a treat shining through in these limited runs and little rarities: “so that we don’t get stuck in a logic which’d change as soon as it gets to mass distribution”.

Refined and good enough to eat!


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