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Why French do not have fashion icons?


Paris, a city of romance, the soul of fashion, has always been depicted as the integral part of cultural development. Unlike other fashion capitals, the kind of trendy and fashionable way of wearing is a rare breed in the city. Maybe there were once a few like Françoise Hardy and Loulou de Falaise, but it seems that there is no such successor in being a true fashion icon. If you question me about Charlotte Gainsbourg, Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld, they all have their very own kind of style and uniqueness, straying away from trends.


This is not something that you can’t expect, when everybody here and there, striking to get the most up-to-date and must-have items for the season, the French kind of covet thoroughly demonstrates how they have their personal style. But why is it so? Not because they are not aware of the fashion industry, but simply they stick to their own characteristics. Let’s get back to Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld we mentioned above, they are current and former editor of Vogue Paris, they know clearly about the industry and yet, you never see them wear like what they put in their mags!


The indefinable, covetable style of French women is the reason why they do not have and do not need to have fashion icons. They influence people instead of being influenced. They wear according to their own preferences as they know what clothes suit their body shape best. By that, they wear not only clothes but also the confidence they gain from it. Perhaps that is what makes Paris a city that people always long to visit. 

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