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#RMWoman - Meet Anita Shum


December’s Rue Madame Woman, Anita Shum @anitashummm is a self-described Edu-Preneur and founder of @minimandarins. She developed a unique curriculum, different from traditional teaching methods, engaging children's interest to help them develop a passion of Mandarin and Chinese culture.


Anita believes language is the most precious gift a parent can give their child and her tip for success is never to feel that it is too late to start, rather simply take a small step to improve yourself every day to find your path.

When it comes to fashion, Anita doesn’t blindly follow the others but creates her own style. Whether it’s her career or styling, Anita’s independence and self-reliance shine through. #RueMadameWorld #RMWoman 

As seen on Anita - Portspure jacket & pants.


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