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#RMWoman - Meet Cerine Lee


Meet designer Cerine Lee. She’s on a mission to bring out the inner nomadic spirit of the welltravelled woman. Founder of art-inspired women’s wear label @thesurian, Cerine seeks to bring out the inner nomadic spirit of the well-travelled and dynamic women of the city through her designs, which are utilitarian yet full of feminine details.

As seen on Cerine - (L) Top: Sessun. Pants: Sessun. Shoes: Veja. Earrings: Gas Bijoux. Necklace: Mary Gaitani.


Cerine Lee is our Rue Madame woman of April. When she thinks of Parisian fashion it must be bourgeois bohemian style, a relaxed cuts, an intellectual air, a free-spirited and slightly artistically rebellious look. Her impression of Parisians is that they manage to look always relaxed and seemingly under-dressed but still super chic!

As seen on Cerine - (L) Top: Hartford. Pants: LabDip. Bag: Vanessa Bruno. Shoes: Veja.


Cerine Lee is our favoured customer. Her fashion icon will be Sarah-Linh Tran (of Lemaire) because clothes look like poetry on her! She’s the classic example of an
Asian beauty with a Parisian style and attitude. Cerine loves how her designs are always pragmatic yet a little bit romantic. She thinks style is an expression of
oneself. Whereas fashion trends are always evolving, style is relatively timeless.

As seen on Cerine - Top: Berenice. Pants: Mira Mikati. Shoes: Veja. Earrings: Gas Bijoux.



As and fashion designer, Cerine’s style secret is to mix boyish items with feminine items almost always work for her. She loves dressing down an elegant outfit with sporty or boyish shoes, and mixing boyfriend cut blazers and jackets with colorful, voluminous skirts. A nicely cut blazer, a chambray shirt, cashmere knits in different colors, American Vintage tees for the summer, a maxi pleated skirt that can be worn on every occasion!

As seen on Cerine - Top: Majestic Filatures. Skirt: Mes Demoiselles. Bag: Sessun. Shoes: Veja. Earrings: Gas Bijoux.

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