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#RMWoman - Meet Sara Mao


Sara is the director of Christie’s Education Asia, promoting art education and appreciation in HK and other cities through lectures, tours & conversations with artists,  allerists and industry specialists. Sara is also an auctioneer for Christie’s and a mother of 2 boys.


Why is style important to Sara?
'In the same way art is a unique vehicle for humans to express their emotions and personal experience, style is an important mode of expressing a person’s sense of self and aesthetics through clothing, which is never stagnant and evolves over time, through life-events, age, & culture and social changes.'


Who is Sara's fashion icon?

'The women around me. I take inspiration from strong independent mothers and non-mothers I’m lucky enough to call my friends; especially one’s that seem to be able to do it all and still look so effortlessly chic and stylish!

Having friends in the fashion industry have also introduced me to fashion greats and independent designers; which inspired and taught me to invest in long lasting pieces which are true to my style but also more sustainable.'


What are Sara's staple items?
'My staples for work are a strong blazer; from a classic black to bright bold colours. As a mother of two, it helps me get ready in the mornings quicker, bringing together a basic outfit and accessorising around it. 

Over the weekends it’s usually leggings for farm visits and outdoor activities with the family, simple one pieces for date night with my husband or dinner with friends.'



What is the meaning of Parisian Style to Sara?
'Simple and uncomplicated, to be true to your style without following trends. To know what fits your silhouette and be confident in fashion choices.'

Any beauty/ style secret to share with us?
'Don’t be afraid to be different. It makes you unique in who you are, if you can wear that piece of clothing with confidence. Find staple outfits, ideally with brands who are supporters of sustainability.'


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