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#RMWoman - Meet Veronica Li


Veronica was raised in Vancouver and studied in Tokyo for a year before moving back to Hong Kong to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Her background is in Fine Arts, Multimedia Design and Fashion Image Styling- which sparked her passion for fashion and styling and ultimately opening her consultancy agency. She has worked with many brands, both in front and behind the camera as a creative director, stylist and collaboration, including Calvin Klein, Lane Crawford, Dior, La Mer, Chanel Beauty, TUMI, Omega, Bulgari, Cartier and many more... You can see her editorial work featured ELLE HK, Tatler, SCMP, #legend and read her fashion advice columns in Vogue HK, ELLE BLOG and Sing Tao Newspaper. She is a passionate believer that STYLE STARTS FROM WITHIN.


Why is style important to Veronica?

'Style is important to me because it is how I express myself to the world, who I am from the inside out. Many may think style is just a cool way to wear clothes but style to me is a way of expressing personal tastes and point of view. As time and age changes, I find myself getting to know more about how to incorporate style not only into what I wear but also into my lifestyle and daily habits.'


Who is Veronica's fashion icon?

'Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate fashion icon. From a young age I fell in love with her style, acting, compassion and her effortless grace and sophistication. Not many people really know about her childhood and the hardships she endured during World War II. What I look for in a fashion icon is someone who is real, has a story and how she transforms in different stages throughout life.'


What are Veronica's staple items?

Veronica's 8 staple items:
1. Off the shoulder black top
2. Power suit
3. Statement earrings
4. Linen shirts
5. High waisted denim jeans
6. Sling back shoes
7. Structured handbags
8. Wide leg trousers

What is the meaning of Parisian Style to Veronica?
'Parisian Style to me is taste, attitude and knowing what works on you. A mistake people often make is wearing items that do not flatter their body shape. Parisian ladies know what to wear, where and when to wear it. Parisian Style focuses on designs and quality, making it ultra chic and timeless.'

Any beauty/ style secret to share with us?
'My beauty secret is matcha all the way! This year, I decided to cut my coffee habit and it has brought so many health benefits. I have also been mixing vitamin C powder into my nighttime beauty routine. Instead of a vitamin C serum, I combine a small amount of vitamin C powder into my night cream. It’s a wonder weapon against aging and rejuvenates skin texture. My style secret is not to over accessorize. Don’t let your accessories overwhelm your look, if you overdo it you will end up looking like a christmas tree! Choose one bold statement piece as a main focus instead of multiple statement pieces.'

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