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27 Aug, 2021

2022 is coming! 5 Fashion Predictions & Clothing Ideas for Women

Quick question, 2021 is almost over, do you think the fashion trends will last well into 2022? Here, rue Madame has rounded up 5 upcoming fashion trends that you'll be seeing all over the place next year!

26 Aug, 2021

【Fashion Tips】How to pull off a fashionable sporty look effortlessly?

The Tokyo Olympics have finally marked the formal end. Still, our passion for sports has just begun! To make sportswear this year’s fashion statement, how are you going to mix and match a sporty chic style?

16 Aug, 2021

Rue Madame - Mooncakes Love Sharing Campaign

12 Aug, 2021

2021 Fashion Trends: 4 Stylish Women Outfit Ideas for Fall & Winter

Looking for some cute outfits for 2021’s fall and winter? Let’s see these exclusive clothings presented by Sea NY, Yves Salomon, Sessun, Hobbs, Whistles and more!

29 Jul, 2020

#RMWoman - Meet Veronica Li

  Meet Veronica Li (@vnikali), stylist and founder of consulting agency

02 Jul, 2020

#RMWoman - Meet Sara Mao

  Meet Sara (@saramao_), the quintessential modern day woman. Not only is she the Director of Christie's Asia, she is also a mother of two. 

08 May, 2020

#RMWoman - Meet Doris Au-Yeung

  Meet Yogiprenuer (yogi/entreprenuer) Doris Au-Yeung (@doris.ay), with a passion to share all things yoga and wellness with the local and global community.

17 Apr, 2020

#RMWoman - Meet Cerine Lee

  Meet designer Cerine Lee (@thesurian). She’s on a mission to bring out the inner nomadic spirit of the welltravelled woman.

16 Dec, 2019

#RMWoman - Meet Anita Shum

  December’s Rue Madame Woman, Anita Shum is a self-described Edu-Preneur and founder of @minimandarins.

25 Aug, 2016

Why French do not have fashion icons?

Paris, a city of romance, the soul of fashion, has always been depicted as the integral part of cultural development.

19 Aug, 2016

4 must-have items to make you shine this season

Question of the century - ‘What should I prepare for my winter wardrobe?’ Still having a headache on it? We’re here to save the day! Just follow these friendly guidelines and you’ll be looking mighty fine in the coming months!

12 Aug, 2016

Can We Have Male Friend?

When it comes down to this age-old question, everybody has their own opinion and different stories to share. In my personal opinion…

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