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30 Sep, 2021

Handmade is the best: 5 reasons to buy and 5 handmade fashion brands

Unlike mass-produced fashion items, you can always find that special uniqueness in each handmade clothing and accessory. But as we enter the era of fast fashion, handmade and handcrafted goods are getting harder to find. Luckily, rue Madame has gathered all quality yet affordable handmade fashion all over the world, let’s browse!

29 Sep, 2021

Fashion inspired by Covid19? 5 reasons why off shoulder tops are now everywhere

Vaccinated yet? Although it might seem a bit ridiculous, off-shoulder fashion is making a strong comeback as it is probably the most vaccine-ready clothing. With an off-shoulder top, you never need to roll up your sleeves for the vaccination. Want to make your shot quicker and easier? Let’s shop the off-shoulder collection at rue Madame!

28 Sep, 2021

How to wear modern Boho outfits? Bohemian fashion style guide in 2021

Sometimes, we just want to escape from everyday’s hustle and bustle. While the pace of city life is hardly controllable, at least we can choose what to wear. Looking for a laidback vibes? You should definitely try these boho’s free-spirited and relaxed clothing ideas prepared by rue Madame!

27 Sep, 2021

4 Styling Tips: How to look super chic with a little black dress?

LBD, namely the little black dress, has always been every woman’s must-have item. It can be worn with a jacket for a daytime business look, or be worn with shiny jewelry for a party or even wedding. Don’t know how to choose the perfect little black dress for different occasions? Here are 5 important rules you should never ignore.

23 Sep, 2021

Best fashion shopping site in HK? 4 reasons why you should shop from Rue Madame!

As the first one to bring affordable yet luxurious French labels to Hong Kong, rue Madame online store has gathered the latest and exclusive fashion pieces from over 80 big brands. Click and see why rue Madame is your best choice!

13 Sep, 2021

Attention Denim Fans! Here are 5 super cool ways for women to wear denim

When you have nothing to wear, denim is always your first pick. But do you know there is actually more than one style of denim except for denim jeans? Let’s explore other denim items such as denim dresses, denim shoes and denim tops with rue Madame!

09 Sep, 2021

【Women Clothing Tips】How to wear floral patterns for both casual & occasion looks?

Want to brighten up your mood in everyday hustle? Why don’t you try dressing up in spring-blooming floral patterns? Let’s browse the latest exclusive collections selected by Rue Madame and add a pop of liveliness to your wardrobe with some beautiful flowers!

06 Sep, 2021

2021 Fashion Round Up: 2 Best Selling Clothing for Women

Every morning is a battle, especially when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Luckily, Rue Madame has some simple yet pro tips to help you always look chic! Let’s learn more about effortless style and Parisian fashion here.

27 Aug, 2021

2022 is coming! 5 Fashion Predictions & Clothing Ideas for Women

Quick question, 2021 is almost over, do you think the fashion trends will last well into 2022? Here, rue Madame has rounded up 5 upcoming fashion trends that you'll be seeing all over the place next year!

26 Aug, 2021

【Fashion Tips】How to pull off a fashionable sporty look effortlessly?

The Tokyo Olympics have finally marked the formal end. Still, our passion for sports has just begun! To make sportswear this year’s fashion statement, how are you going to mix and match a sporty chic style?

16 Aug, 2021

Rue Madame - Mooncakes Love Sharing Campaign

12 Aug, 2021

2021 Fashion Trends: 4 Stylish Women Outfit Ideas for Fall & Winter

Looking for some cute outfits for 2021’s fall and winter? Let’s see these exclusive clothings presented by Sea NY, Yves Salomon, Sessun, Hobbs, Whistles and more!

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